Sunset Raiders - Single
May 14, 2024

Sunset Raiders - Single

The first moment in the game, putting you right into the action.

About the project

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Iron Wings was a game project I was rather fond of. A unique mix of arcade shoot-em-up (shmup) and Metroidvania. ShmupVania if you will. The idea was to bring acting back into games. Live action, something humans can connect with. Cinematics telling the story like in Command & Conquer, Wing Commander 3, or even Tomcat Alley. Everyone I pitched it to basically said “Nope, won’t sell.” The ones that had interest wanted to change the whole game and make it extremely divisive. So, nope. Enough games have been twisted lately. I want to make something that people who actually play it will like. My notion of using miniatures to blow up and shooting on film probably didn’t help either. All that’s left of it is the score and some pictures.

The Opening Scene

Evening over the coastal base. Fighter jets take-off and land. A routine mission over the open seas takes a turn for the worse. The pilots barely handle it. Getting out of there with some hull damage they punch the afterburner and head back to base.


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The single version has some of the sound effects still intact. Head over to the album page for more.