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It was time to move the site to a place where I have full control over it again. Which means I also have to do the whole bundle myself. So in the meantime… behold my temporary page!

Below is a bit of my work and a couple of ways to keep in touch. If you'd like to discuss a project, the contact form is a good option.



Troll Bridge - A Discworld Fable

A fable, 15 years in the making. A crew, spread all over the globe. In my role as a senior compositor I’ve finished shots from other artists at various stages and took shots from start to finish. The main tasks were integration of CG elements with live action. Green screen actors interacting with CG actors. Actor replacement with CG characters. Set extensions.

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Troll Bridge - A Discworld Fable

In my role as modeller on Troll Bridge, I was responsible to create the 3D version of the film’s logo. To achieve the chiseled shape I replicated the steps a stonemason would have taken to create the mould for the brass. Just that I did it with subdivision surfaces in Modo. In addition to creating the fully textured model, I also sculpted high resolution detail in to it for close-up options.

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FX production

Interactive e-Book Graphics

For the Alpine Victoria instalment of my interactive photo book about my journey across Australia, I created a few 3D animations in Modo, refined them in Nuke and finished them in DaVinci Resolve. Here’s one.

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Game Design

Silverball Tactics - Pocket

The PlayDate version of Silverball Tactics has its own style based on the display and hardware constraints. While the gameplay is very different from the holographic book, it accomplishes the same task, thorough training for better pinball players. I created all animations by hand, frame-by-frame in Aseprite.

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