The Night We Almost Had It All - EP
Mar 23, 2024

The Night We Almost Had It All - EP

A tale as old as time. But with a Corvette, asphalt, and a Drive-In.

We’ve all been there. Uncertainty. A bunch of people in our lives turned out not the be the ones we thought they were. Was anything real? You start to question everything. Once you figure out whether the important stuff was real, the rest just fades into oblivion.


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The story so far…

The year is 1985, a hot summer’s night. You’re driving down the freeway with the top down. The night breeze weaves through your hair. A nagging thought weighs on your mind. You pull up to the nearest phone booth and call her. It’s been weeks. Although it’s over, you have to know if it was real. After all you’ve been through, it’s a fair question. One of the few things you can’t answer for yourself.

A thunderstorm brings you to a drive-in at city limits. The broken neon lights flicker in the rain, memories bring back images into the night. The good and the bad.

As the skies calm, so does your mind. You put your car into gear and step on it. May the dawn bring about new roads.